Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's been too long

So not posting this on FB but since you subscribe if you are getting this then I think it's fine. The long hiatus from blogging was because I didn't want to spill my guts on purpose or on accident. We have had quite the exciting month around the Worsham household! I've been ready to puke or nap most of the time. Sophie's really hitting some new developmental milestones and really this week is the first time I've felt like I've had control of the household chores since before the holidays!

Some highlights:
1)The dog - Sophie and the dog are funny. They play together. Sophie bosses Molly around. Sophie releases the dog when we have asked her to "sit and stay." Sophie also has taken on the chore of feeding the dog and giving her treats both of which, she loves. Unfortunately an occasional pb&j has been sacrificed to the dog in the name of "she wants it mommy." Dog and toddler no longer mutually exclusive dependents; dog and toddler now plotting together against the parentals... priceless (and actually worth the trade).

2)Sunday's weather - Oh my goodness Southern California came to visit NC last Sunday afternoon. We so needed it! We basked in the sunshine outside for hours, played with bubbles, swept the porch, cleaned off the driveway and generally enjoyed the one day break from the winter wonderland!

3) Naps - my new friends naps. Sophie naps like a champ and I take most opportunities to do the same. In fact, right now she's napping. Why am I still typing? It's time, time for a... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz