Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turning Two - Happy birthday to you!

Although there are many things I loved about Sophie's second birthday: the puppy party games, all the friends, MK at the "grooming" station. My favorite by far is the way Sophie enjoyed when the crowd at her puppy party sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She knew the song was for her. She knew it was her day and the delight in her eye in that moment topped almost anything I've seen before. She is my daughter, I know it because we love to be the center of attention. So here's to you the joy of my life and apple of my eye. You're two and I'm proud of you. There's nothing anyone could give me to take that moment away.
Sophie smiling as the song crescendos at "happy birthday dear Sophie!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can you grab me a...

Quick Worsham Family Photo by our LED-lit Christmas tree after this evening's meal.

We had breakfast for dinner tonight. Yum, daddy's buttermilk pancakes from scratch, eggs and bacon were on the menu. During the meal Mike was up flipping pancakes and I had bacon grease on my fingers. I turned to Mike and said "Can you grab me a napkin?" I had just instructed the resident toddler on the "nice" way to ask for more pancakes or bacon and was waiting for an appropriate response. After half a beat I hear: "Can you grab me a bacon?" from the highchair. Laughing I recognize my own failure to ask nicely in my haste. Nothing in the world gets by the 23 1/2 month old in our family.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Steps

I've learned so much from helping to coach Sophie's dance class for 1-4 year old girls over the past few months. Dancing just like everything else in life can be done to the glory of God. I love to hear the older girls respond with confidence when the coaches say "We dance for an audience of... " with a resounding "1!" You see, it's not about the abilities we have or the things we daily do but about the One that we represent when we are doing those things.
<----[Sophie finishing up with her performance.]

On Sunday morning (the morning after tree adventures lasting until around 11PM) we made the short trek to Statesville for the Cove service and the In His Steps dance performance following the service. The stress and sleeplessness were a bit much for Mama/Coach and Dad-of-darling-dancer but we persisted even if our attitudes were so-so. It was a different experience at the satellite campus (launched over a year ago by our home church). We were glad to experience it. As Sophie's group performed I was so joyful watching those sweet faces smile and enjoy the spotlight. Bouncing, dancing and smiling I was fully pleased with their work even if they didn't do each move as practiced, stay on their "dot" or exit smoothly. Everyone stayed up on stage, and no one cried, fell or got injured. A success!

Adding dance coach to the list of roles in my life was kind of a baby step all it's own but this ministry to the girls has proven beautiful in its simplicity. I thought I might be disappointed in the lack of structure or results which is expected with baby girls who are learning to dance. Instead, there is a freedom and joy that comes with really releasing results to God and cherishing whatever happens to be.
I guess it is fortuitous that the group is called Baby Steps. Yes please, I'll take a few of those.

<----- [Hugs for mama after the show.]

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Tree Fell Down!

We headed up to the mountains yesterday to cut a fresh tree. We're lucky because we have friends who cut their tree from an old tree farm located on their property and invited us along for the excitement. I wanted to leave at around 6AM but since it was a Saturday and there really was no rush we headed out around 8:30AM. The drive took about 2.5 hours and Sophie was a champ. She only slept for about 30 minutes of the ride and was content to listen to sing-a-longs for the rest of the ride requesting at intervals "a little louder please." I think the new falling snow coming in fits and starts and falling on the sunroof for her to view did help with the entertainment. Around 3 we headed to the trees to pick the perfect one. Now this tree farm is no longer in working order. The trees are in a "natural" state which is just fine with me. My brother accuses me of picking a Charlie Brown Tree every year anyway so I really don't require the normal type of beauty in a tree. We were going for skinny and not too tall (so it will fit in our house). The snow cover was pretty deep for only having snowed for one day. We hiked all over the hill in search of our tree. When we found it we kept looking around to make sure it was "the one." Finally the chain saw was retrieved, and the felling commenced. Our friend John did the honors for both trees. Our tree being littler went down first. You know the sound a chain saw makes. Well as Sophie watched that little tree that she picked go down with a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! She started to cry and wouldn't stop. I asked what was wrong. I told her it was okay. She said through her tears "It fell down!" and continued to cry. We finally calm her down and then it's time for tree number 2 to go down. More tears, more crying, I'm feeling kind of awful for her too. You know, we are cutting down the trees, poor things. I don't want to teach her a disregard for life. Then I think about the fruits and veggies I love. I think about the cut flowers we bring into the house and decide to explain it that way if I can. By the time the trees are down to the car (no small feat) and we are soaked to the bone Sophie has decided: "I am going to be okay." We agree with her and explain that we get to take our tree home and decorate it and water it and take good care of it. When relating the tale of our beautiful winter day Sophie adds: "I cried. It [the tree] fell down. I will be okay."

Friday, December 3, 2010


Can't say enough how much I love advent. Reading our morning devotions is a highlight for Sophie and I each day and it's not just because chocolate from our calendar is allowed first thing in the morning. December tends to be full of hustle and bustle but today feels quiet. Our
friends had their first baby last night and it got me thinking about nativity - baby Anna Noel's or baby Jesus. That first day and night and birth must be frightening. It is certainly life changing and though there may have been swift preparations for the physical needs it is the spiritual and emotional changes that are and should be the focus. This season, in celebration and in every season may Nativity be calmer. May our hearts turn inward and may peace on Earth start with me.